SDK Ontology Working Group Meeting - Venue Information

Warning: this web site is no longer maintained. Information on this page may not be up to date.

The meeting has taken place at the INRIA Rhône-Alpes lab in Montbonnot near Grenoble (France). In the website there is already a page that describes how to get there. However, some useful information are missing. I add here the missing one.

Reaching Grenoble

From Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport (LYS)

If you plan to take plane to the Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport, do not go to Lyon railway station. At the airport, there is a bus shuttle called Satobus that drives you to Grenoble in hardly more than an hour. There is one bus per hour from 7:30 to 23:15. There is a TGV train station near the airport, but it is neither faster nor cheaper than the bus shuttle, and they leave from the airport only twice a day at 10:?? and 20:??. Just look at the timetable for the bus shuttle. Be carefull to take a bus to Grenoble because Satobus connects other cities in the region.

Rates are also given on the timetable webpage : it is 20 euros for a one-way ticket, 30 euros with a return ticket, and 15 euros if you are under 25 year old.

The bus leads you to Grenoble railway station.

From Geneva (GVA)

You may want to take the plane to Geneva, which is not so far from Grenoble. There are trains connecting Geneva and Grenoble directly. Here is a timetable I made thanks to SNCF website:

Departure from GenevaArrival to GrenobleDuration

All these trips are direct. They will take you to the Grenoble railway station. To get back to Geneva, look at the following timetable:

Departure from GrenobleArrival to GenevaDuration

In order to make reservation on your train tickets, you may use the SNCF website.

From Grenoble-Saint-Geoirs airport (GNB)

In case you land in Grenoble airport (which means you took an EasyJet plane from London Stansted (STN)), there is a bus shuttle to Grenoble (not often though) and other transport services. The Airport website gives as much information as I could tell (in particular, look at the Access and Parking page).

How to get to the lab from Grenoble

By bus

The INRIA Rhône-Alpes lab is located in Montbonnot, 10 km away from Grenoble. The INRIA website describes fairly well how to get there from Grenoble, and also gives a sketchy map. However, it does not tell everything you need about bus transport. You can get to INRIA with the "Navette ZIRST" (ZIRST Shuttle) which leaves from the hospital. From university there is a small bus shuttle 607. From the center of Grenoble, there is another bus shuttle 6020. These PDF files are giving timetables in French only. You can find more details (not much) on the VFD website and Semitag website.

Besides, if enough people arrive at the same time, we could organise some bus transportation.

By car

Just look at the INRIA Rhône-Alpes website. You can also use Mappy to find your way from your hotel to INRIA. For example, look at the itinerary from the station to the lab.

From Grenoble to the skiing station

You can find information and links on the page about skiing of this website.

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