SDK Ontology Working Group Meeting Accomodation

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Hotels in Grenoble can be found via this web site : There are few hotels near the Lab in Montbonnot. You'd rather choose a hotel in Grenoble because you can only go back to there by car. L'Hôtel d'Angleterre is in the very center of Grenoble, Hôtel Institut is very close to the station. However, if you want to be close to the lab, you may choose Hôtel Balladins Grenoble Montbonnot Express (about 1 km from the lab).


On Thursday, there has been a buffet inside the lab's cafeteria. On Friday, lunch has been taken in a restaurant a hundred meters from the lab. You have to pay for this one (about 6 to 10 euros).

A dinner was planned in a restaurant in Grenoble on Thursday. The place was Chez Margo, 5 rue Millet in Grenoble (here is a map) at 8 pm (20:00). The dinner was graciously paid by INRIA !

What about skiing ?

Grenoble is situated just at the bottom of the Alpes, about one hour far from many skiing station. If you plann to stay for the week end, maybe you can take a look to the skiing opportunities around Grenoble.