Tool Presentations

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OM Tool Fair
part of the SDK OM Workgroup meeting

One of the focuses of the Grenoble meeting of the SDK Ontology Management workgroup is to raise the awareness about the ontology management tools, components, frameworks, APIs, and any other software infrastructure related to the OM work within SEKT, DIP, and Knowledge Web. The tools of interest include, but are not limited to, the following species:

The OM Tool Fair will take approximately one day and will be structured as follows:

The tool presentations are expected to take 40 minutes each and be structured as follows:

Proposals for tool demonstrations should be sent to Atanas Kiryakov (nasoatsirmadotbg) no latter than 26.03.2005. The proposals should include: name of the tool, authors/developers (with their organizations), short description (up to one page). The organizers will try to provide slots for all relevant tool presentations.