[EXMO] past and various software

The following pieces of software are not currently supported by EXMO. They have been used as experimental support. They may, however, be reconsidered for future developments.


SPARQLMM is a template language that allows to include SPARQL queries to XML documents. It also extends SPARQL so that it automatically take advantage of web pages written in XHTML+RDFa.

More information about SPARQLMM is available from http://www.inrialpes.fr/exmo/people/laborie/SPARQLMM/.


Description Logic Markup Language

DLML is not a language but rather a modular system of Document Type Descriptions (DTD, encoding the syntax) and Document Semantics Description (DSD, encoding the semantics) of many description logics. It takes advantage of the modular design of description logics by describing individual constructors separately. The specification of a particular logic is achieved by declaring the set of possible constructors and the logic's DTD is automatically build up by just assembling those of elementary constructors.

The actual system contains the description of more than 40 constructors and 25 logics.

To the DLML language is a associated a set of transformations (written in XSLT) allowing to convert a representation from a logic to another (with weakening or normalizing), from another description logic out of DLML, e.g., the FaCT DTD, from another language, e.g., syllogistics, to a description logic or to pretty-print expressions (in LaTeX).

No global versionning has been put on DLML (each file is individually versioned). The current release is the first one, from october 1999.

DLML is available freely from http://co4.inrialpes.fr/xml/dlml.

Some demonstrations (many transformations), the opportunity to define your own logic and on-line presentation are also accessible through http://co4.inrialpes.fr/xml/dlml


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