[EXMO] technology transfer /
transfert de technologie

Exmo's work has been concentrated in the core of the semantic web infrastructure (alignment servers, query engines). From this perspective, a large part of Exmo activities may be considered as transfer to the general public of prior and current results to the semantic web. Our results are available to use.

Here are, however, some specific transfer operations ongoing, beside those carried out in the context of specific cooperative projects.

Meaning Engines

Meaning Engines is start-up company whose goal is to help improve the knowledge of corporate knowledge, e.g., catalogs, costumer data, through linked data principles (the application of semantic web technology for publishing data). Among their prospective costumers are music aggregators as well as banks. We are working with them for developing a technology of connectors based on our Alignment API. They introduce two novel features: using the notion of link keys to identify identical items in a data flow and performing hybrid integration which either identifies or creates objects from the incoming flows.


Our Alignment API has been integerated with Mondeca's ITM tool to support thesauri alignments (see also the Mondeca cooperation description).


The Fluxmedia start-up company aimed at developing a logistic support platform mostly based on XML flux technology. The founders found our Transmorpher approach relevant and supported the development through the hiring of an engineer, Laurent Tardif, in 2001. However, the company ceased its activities.

We also have organised a INRIA IN-tech seminar of open data and linked data.

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